Secure Firewall Protection Is Vital For Business

Anyone who owns or operates a computer on a daily basis has heard the term “firewall” thrown around. But do you know what a firewall really does? Do you understand how crucial a strong firewall is for your personal and work computer? At eGuard Tech Services it is our mission to provide high quality IT support and IT services while educating consumers along the way.

What is a Firewall?

Firewalls are a fundamental element if any Information Technology infrastructure. A firewall acts as a filter between computers or computer networks and the Internet. They allow administrators to determine what can come into a network and what can get out of a network, thus providing security from both internal and external threats.

Most personal computers are set up with a certain level on firewall protection to block unauthorized access by cyber criminals, as well as hackers using malware to trick users into dishing out personal and private data that can be used to steal identities, raid bank accounts and more. But firewall protection isn’t only for personal computers; in fact firewall protection is as important, if not more important, for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of a Business-Grade Firewall

Businesses use a higher grade of firewall than is used for home computers. For instance, large-market businesses often have complex and complicated firewalls in place to protect their in-house computer networks from threats. There are four basic levels of firewall protection available for businesses-network level, circuit level, application level and multi-layer level. No matter which firewall is used, it’s immensely important that businesses of all sizes invest in a business grade firewall to protect their network, data and company security.

There are several benefits to utilizing a business-grade firewall for company computers and networks. For instance, a high-level firewall provides increased protection against hackers and includes built-in anti-spyware and anti-malware to protect network users. These functions protect against external threats, like cyber-criminals, hackers and malware that is intended to coax out private data, usually for the purpose of hacking into a bank account or credit card to steal money.

Business-grade firewalls can also protect against internal threats to a company. For example, a business-grade firewall has the capability to block users from unwanted websites and provides reports on non-business activity. Administrators are able to block users in their networks from visiting websites like Facebook or Twitter, thus limiting non-business activity and increasing worker productivity. In regards to productivity, a firewall is even more useful in that it allows users to have a better, more easily accessible and more secure access to a company’s network while working remotely or travelling for work purposes.

Source: Eguardtech