Synology Urges You To Be On Guard Against Ransomware

2 Jan 2020

Ransomware is some of the nastiest pieces of software in existence and in theory, it could hit anyone. Some people naturally have a greater risk, through the kind of work and tasks they do with their systems.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Data

30 Dec 2019

There are all sorts of “backups” that help get you out of various situations. Think of the spare tire in your trunk or the extra pieces of webbing in a climbing anchor

Windows 10 Version 1909 All New Features And Changed

26 Dec 2019

Windows 10 version 1909, “November 2019 Update,” will be the eight major refresh since the original release, which Microsoft is expected to release on November 12, 2019, as part of its Patch Tuesday schedule.

Best RX 580 Graphics Card 2019 – GPU

23 Dec 2019

The AMD RX 580 is now the smart elder statesman of the current Radeon lineup, but when it first arrived the mildly updated Polaris GPU was actually a bit of a disappointment.