Engineer Design Project

Sometimes, you may have the project, but with some situation such as.

  • The time frame of the project is too short, you may probably need temporary engineer to works on the project, but you couldn’t find anyone willing to work on the short time frame. In this case, Jrsys will here to help you with outsources our skillful engineer.
  • Your home engineer may not have some specific skills to the software. In this situation, there is not a very big issue. You can always past the project to our engineer that have certified with CAD/CAM/CAE software or you can also choose to get the training service from us. Or
  • Consider you need to have manpower, software and materials in a project. But sometimes there are exceeding budget occurs.

If you encountered on the situation above, you can always get help from Jrsys to help you to work on the project.

Engineer Design Consultant

We also provide consultant services to you if there are some little issue occurs.